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2 min readSep 21, 2020

Hello! This is Skypeople CM Grace!

Today I brought you guys the update of ongoing rating classification from GRAC (Korea Game Rating And Administration Committee)


On September 17 GRAC notified us that the rating classification of Five Stars for Klaytn (blockchain version of vanilla Five Stars) will be suspended.

The reason is as follows:

“Using blockchain technology, especially NFT, to enable users to turn their in-game assets into a personal digital asset needs to be further discussed concerning the amendment to the Act on Reporting and Use of Specific Financial Information. Thus, rating classification of Five Stars for Klaytn is suspended”

What’s Next?

The vanilla Five Stars which does not include blockchain elements will officially launch on September 23 in Korea. In the meantime, we are preparing the global version of five Stars.

In the global version, Five Stars would include blockchain functionalities excluded in the Korea version and it is planned to launch in early 2021.

If the rating classification is passed before or after the global launch, we will add the blockchain into the Korea Version too.

Before I finish…

We know that many fans are disappointed by this news. We are also very sad about not being able to include what we developed for over a year into the game.

The rating suspension is not the end of the world and we will give our full support to GRAC to resume the process.

Also, we will star the blockchain features in the Global version in early 2021 when the Global version launches.

Last but not least, if the blockchain version gets approved from GRAC we can add the blockchain in the Korea version (https://fivestars.skypeople.co.kr/) too, so stay tuned!

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This is the end of today’s post!

I will come back with more exciting and interesting news next time.
BTW don’t forget to bring your mask; Covid -19 situation is getting really serious these days.

Until next time then! Bye!
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